As the internet moves towards a more secure and privacy-respecting web HTTPS will be a standard feature of all websites. Pretty much every hosted web site needs an SSL Certificate from a registered certificate authority.

Did you know that 97% of all websites lack basic security? Just let that sink in for a minute. Only 3% of websites are considered “safe”. Chances are, you probably visited an unencrypted site today.

What it means to your web site visitors is that any information between them and your web site is secure/encrypted. This may not seem important at first glance if you aren’t selling something or taking personal information, credit cards and so on through your site. However it is going to make a big difference in how search engines ( Google, Bing and Yahoo ) INDEX your web site. 

So you might be saying I’m already getting found without the HTTPS or SSL certificate. This is true but as we move along Google and other search engines are going to give a preference to sites that have gone to the expense and hoops to install a SSL certificate. 

We have SSL Certificates available from 7 different certificate authorities and they have an Annual Fee Ranging from $25/year to $1500/year. Quite a range in price. Insurance, encryption and reputation set them apart. Lets figure out together which one would work best for you. 

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