I always get approached by companies that want help with Social Media. There is several Social Networks to choose from. Facebook, Google+ – Google My Business, Twitter and the list goes on…
I’m a business that sells, designs and markets web sites for businesses in Lower Mainland and Fraser Valley BC.
So as you can see from the link above I’m showing you/asking you if you would like to go and look at a Social Media sharing plugin that I can install in your web site.
You might be selling a Hot Tub or Furniture and you’d like someone to “LEAVE” their “Social Media” feed and come to your web site… Seams simple enough but is it???
You don’t have that many followers so the new information or post glides through their Social Media and then its “gone” Not even your employees shared it.
Our main objective is to put people on your web site. Take advantage of peoples interests and why they are on Social Media in the first place. I’ve already made this post to long but feel that some information here may be helpful. Contact me anytime for more explanation and a FREE quote to help your business navigating “Social Media”
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